Songs for Iris

I was thinking a lot about my Grandmother yesterday. My grandfather, Iris’s husband of 63 years, past away december 2009.  Grandma is doing well but you can see a glimpse of sadness in her eyes every now and then. I remembered I made her a tape of me singing like 15+ years ago. Probably more like 20+ years ago. It made her so happy. She would listen to the same two songs over and over again while she cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am sure she wore the tape out or it has been lost from the years of moving but I know she does not have the tape anymore. So, I decided I would make her a new one. Songs for Iris.

Here is just one that I recorded today. For those of you that know me, I have not sung in at least 12 years. Dancing around the house or belting songs in the car don’t count! So, here it it, all for Iris.

I love you Grandma!

Song written and originally recorded by Gillian Welch

‘Winter’s Come and Gone’

Little Bird


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