What does work

I was able to get out a bit this morning and what a beautiful site it was! It is a sunny day! There still is a bitter wind but that is avoidable with a good scarf and layers! My sweet daughter and I will be heading out shortly to play in the snow and get fresh air. After some outside time we will venture back indoors to paint on the art easel. These are all kid friendly materials!

Bottom of the Cove

Here is a great project we did a few days ago. I actually got the idea from Design Sponge, http://www.designspongeonline.com/2010/12/diy-project-gift-toppers.html. They, of course, have the gorgeous, gift wrapping ideas but we turned them into a family activity. Even my husband got involved. (See the big, beautiful, art deco style Christmas Tree!). This was really fun and time consuming for us all. A great way to while away a cold, blustery day!

Material: Glue, whatever scrap paper you have laying around, buttons, markers, glitter…what ever fun things you have around the house that would be fun to glue! I went for the sewing basket.

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