A Merry Season to You

The weather has cleared, for now, and we are back to our usual december groove (upper 30’s/Lower 40’s). Now that schools are out and we are in the full swing of the holidays we will be heading out to do fun things this week with our little gal. Most definitely we will do things outside before the threatening freezing rain arrives in a few days. Here are a few ideas we suggest you try that don’t cost anything…

1-Go for a hike or walk around the neighborhood

2-Chase and throw sticks for the dogs (great excercise for both you and furry friends)

3-Collect sticks and branches for the fire pit (both daughter and dogs love this activity)

4-Swing on the porch swing

5-Ride tricycle (or bike if no little ones to share the activity with)

6-Take the art easel outside for the daily craft. Collect leaves, branches, acorns etc to glue to the drawing/painting

7-Visit friends, have tea and cookies

8-Visit a local farm or farmers market

9-Walk down main street, look at christmas decorations and window displays. Visit the local bakery afterwards (optional)

10-Visit local lake, feed ducks (if permitted) and have a picnic.

Most importantly, take some time to enjoy the season, your family and friends!

Happy Holidays!!


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