…and Family

I married into the tradition of dining by candlelight with family and sometimes friends on Christmas Eve. This elegant yet full of laughs event is is great. We take the time to spruce up the house and dress up a bit, drink wine and fellowship amongst ourselves. This year my husband and I are hosting the dinner. Traditionally, also, my brother-in-law and his wife travel abroad during the holidays. As planned, we would do Christmas Eve dinner with the 4 adults and child, no Greg and Jennifer. However, this morning as we were sipping on our cup of Joe suddenly the dogs got roused and started barking. If you guessed, yes, Greg and Jennifer surprised the family and will be joining us for the evening. What a sweet gift. Especially for a mother! (My mother in-law) So we will be joining in merry fellowship this evening, candles, wine and good food prepped!

Merry Christmas!

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