To Do List

Back to the original list of things to hold my self accountable for…

Things to do this Winter

Well, the crafts have been scattered, I admit. Instead of crafting things however, we would also explore inside and out, and organized ALL of Lil misses toys. This is great news! Now we can see what she really has and I have a place to put them in case she forgets!

Cooking is fantastic! I made homemade chicken broth a few days ago, chicken enchilada’s with the chicken the broth was made from and tomorrow I will cook a batch of our favorite Spanish Chicken Noodle soup with the remainder of the bird. The chicken came from a local farm where we buy all of our meat and Poultry, Hickory Nut Gap Farms. Actually, we went there on New Years Eve to pick up our beef for the burgers to grill for the evening festivities (low key around these parts). I love taking our daughter there! We arrived just as the owner and her grandson were feeding the chickens, horses and pigs. Of course, they let us help and we got a lot of giggles from the sloppy, happy, loud pigs!

As for ” Three Cups of Tea”, well lets just I am not making great strides with it! It definitely isn’t the book, just one of those hobbies I haven’t quite gotten back into yet. It is still on the progress list, so I will keep you posted!

The holidays allowed us to stay connected with tons of folks but we, as a family, are lucky to be surrounded by all sorts of wonderful people. Connection is strong!

Obviously I am learning to blog and you get to witness first hand all the photos I am taking. Lil miss runs from the camera now, she is exhausted with me following her to catch all those great little moments! Doggies are extra special around here so they are lapping up the love and dancing, well, we don’t miss a beat!

Lastly, outside…we love it outside so this task isn’t really a task. Be Outside!

So this week I will be attempting to make biscotti. I am really excited!! Easy enough I’m sure but exciting.

Stay Tuned…


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