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Naturally Healthy Babies and Children


I love this book. If you are a new parent or even a seasoned parent you must own this book. Time and time again this book gets our daughters health right in sync without ever having to attend a doctors office.

Just last night this book proved itself once again. Our daughter has had a pesky cough that I have not been able to tackle for some time. No amount of cherry bark or slippery elm will get rid of this cough. So frustrated I actually took her to the doctor. He confirmed that we have been doing everything right. Just keep at it and the pesky thing will exit eventually. This was good news, of course, but still there is a cough to defeat!! THEN the night before she complained of her ear hurting all night. This terrifies me as I was a poster child for earaches and infections. However, the next day she had no complaints and even took a 2 hour nap without trouble. Last night she immediately complained of her ear hurting. I finally got my nose to the book and, of course, Aviva Jill Romm had the right answer for an immediate effect, plus long term tinctures.

The answer: Give massage. Chinese remedial massage for children, known as tui na.

IT WORKED!!  I had to do it three to four times through the night and twice it seemed painful but she would relax, breath and let me massage it. Before I knew it there were no complaints and a full night sleep. When I asked her this morning how it felt, she said it did not hurt. Now,we still have to conquer the cough and congestion. We will also need to be prepared for more nightly earaches until the congestion clears. However, the cough sounds better today and we will continue with cherry bark and slippery elm. We will also make a garlic lemonade which will kill any bacteria or virus that the congestion may be holding. We also use Elderberry Syrup for its Vit C properties to help her little immune system fight any further attacks!

I have gotten all my guidance from this book and other mothers with success using herbal and homeopathic remedies. Get it! Own it! Making tinctures and teas can be fun, plus rewarding when you see them working effectively!


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