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All photos taken by Cailyn/Girls at Play Mexico Trip photographer 2010

Something I have enjoyed for many years is whitewater kayaking. Something my husband and I have done together in our 12 year relationship is paddling. I really enjoy the sport. There is nothing like the adrenaline of a class 4 creek (for me) or the peace of a class three scenic run. No matter what the water, I enjoy being in it, on it, around it. However, I have been side tracked from the pure and simple enjoyment of one of my favorite pass times for the past few years without any regret. I have been focusing on being the best mom, wife and business partner possible.

My husband, who knows what joy I get from it, tried to re-ignite the flame for my paddling last year when he gifted me with a week long trip to Mexico with Girls at Play. One solid week in Mexico in February (Northern Hemisphere) doing yoga, salsa dancing and whitewater kayaking with an all female crew and group. As much as I feared going, due to my lack of keeping up with my skill, I ended up having one of the best times. (See trip report here, scroll down to find review). One for the journal to share with my daughter in the future.

So, this year I am reminiscing this fabulous trip and vacation I experienced. Not really pining for the warm tropical climate of Jalcomulco, Vericruz Mexico (although, one would not complain if a trip to warmer climates landed in my lap) but for the kayaking. That was the most I have kayaked in four years. This is how we used to paddle before we decided to conquer parenthood and head a distribution in the US all at the same time!

While the 4th storm of winter 2010/2011 hits I scour the internet for beautiful photography of water. All sorts of water, not really realizing why I am searching for it. All this scouring brought me to my Mexico pictures. While looking at the Mexico pictures I realized that I simply miss paddling.

As soon as the stitches are removed and the snow clears from the roads (the river roads will be difficult to maneuver in my little front wheel drive honda or big ass Sprinter!) I want to be on the river. I don’t require much at this point as I am really rocky and some melodic class 3 will suite my water cravings for now. But this, I am really excited for. Excited to feel the spark sparking without the push of a lush trip abroad or my husband begging for me to go. A spark that I have found on my own!


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