Winter Blues

The one thing that bugs me the most about winter are the bugs. Bring on the snow, cold, even the rain. I can handle and actually enjoy the winter season. But the colds that are associated with winter, bugger off!

We usually can get through winter without much trouble or sickness but this winter is proving to be a whole new story. Just as the little ones cough had subsided (FINALLY) and school is getting back in gear from the winter weather she wakes up with a low grade fever and ache. Not to mention the pesky cough that we had conquered.

It is so heartbreaking to watch your young one not feel well. And with my daughter, there seems to be a reaccurring theme. Last year when I was in Mexico, she got sick. My husband is still in New Zealand, she is sick. Anytime we travel, she manages to be sick (accept for an extremely successful trip to Colorado this fall). Her first two birthdays we traveled to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and both years she was teething, severely. Last year, her third birthday, she was not teething but managed to get so sick I was concerned about her appendix. That was not the case but non-the-less she was sick. I hear this is common in Cancerians, as that is her astrological sign.

The lesson, however, is to really stress in teaching her to relax, go with the flow, worry less and honor your body when it needs to rest. (Have I mentioned before that she never naps. Not regularly anyway. Never has never will.)

Today, she is doing a tremendous job honoring her needs. She has taken a morning nap, ate some hot soup, drank water and is now in her bed dozing off to the movie, Robots. All I can do is express love with hugs, kisses and a little tuck in the bed when she is ready to doze. Praise her for doing a great job at fighting off the boogers.

So, for now, we will (as my friend Ashley put it) quarantine ourselves, slurp down elder “doodle” berry and drink lots of water. I think I will also make some garlic tea this afternoon. However, convincing a 3 1/2 year old to sip garlic tea, well, lets just say I will get back to you on that one!

Have a grand weekend wherever you are!


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