Pennies for Peace


This is a really special program. I feel this way for many reasons, one is that this program teaches our children to be compassionate about other peoples needs.
Yes, I finished, with great enthusiasm, “Three Cups of Tea.” It really is an incredible story told and to be read. No, I don’t have twenty thousand dollars to donate. What I can do though is tell you about it. Then maybe you will tell someone else about it and the cycle begins.
The best part is that my daughter’s school is enrolled in the pennies for peace program. We, on a regular bases, take pennies to school for her to drop in the bucket that will be donated to CAI. The encouragement to donate to pennies for peace back in August  is what inspired me to finally, really read the book. I figured I should know what exactly we were gathering pennies for.
The very short of the long is that Greg Mortenson builds schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is way more complicated than that and he has some amazing adventures and trials that he endures but mostly he is truly promoting peace by helping provide education to the children in these countries. We have no idea the hardships the children in these countries have to endure themselves. This book brings light to the subject and really helped educate me, as an American, on countries we are taught so much to dislike. You should read the book. You can borrow mine!
If you have a young one or know a young one in school maybe you can encourage them to start their own pennies for peace. Have the teacher or principal read the book (if she hasn’t already! It was #1 New York Bestseller). This is a really great way to give our children a special focus. I like to think of it as the modern pen pal. I had one of those once, did you? At least the pennies can provide greater futures for these pen pals!

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