Birthday Wishes

You can always count on my birthday, being in February, there being a chance of gray skies and some form of precipitation. Even when I was in Mexico last year this time, it rained. The year before it snowed. My husband pulled out the 2 wheel drive sleigh and crept us all the way to the local bakery for a cupcake!

This year is no different. Even though last week there was a short term prediction that it would be sunny and in the 40’s. I did not get too attached to the idea, I know better than that.

So what do you do when it is rainy and 38 degrees out? We are going to soak in the outdoor hot tubs in hot springs. I love the little mountain community of Hot Springs. I love even more that it is a take out for a class 3 local run called the French Broad section 9. Even more than that, it is only 20 minutes from us, yet we feel like we are a world away. It is quiet, beautiful and slow paced. So what a better way to celebrate the day than soak in natural springs, drink a little red wine and nibble on truffles? Who needs Valentine’s Day?

As we pack the suits and truffles I wanted to make sure you saw this today too! These are also great ideas for birthday’s, valentine’s day or just to celebrate the day in general!! Check it out here.

Have a grand weekend wherever you are!

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