The Treehouse that speaks French

I don’t know if you have taken the time to browse through some of the other blogs I have linked to the right, or not. But there is one particular one that really catches my eye today.

Well, firstly, I came across Design Mom by accident. I had a snowy afternoon to piddle on the computer and somehow I ended up reading her blog. I really can’t tell you how I got there. What really interested me in her blog was not all the wonderful design ideas or amazing photos of her six children, but the journey they are currently unraveling as spending 1 year abroad in France. Sure that sounds easy but really? Six kids, one is less than a year and they managed to successfully move from Denver, CO to the country side of France. I am inspired and interested in learning the steps they have taken to make their dream a reality!

Although, today that is not what inspires me. What I love about her post from 2/8/11 is, well,  the entire post…I mean look at this treehouse! We wouldn’t be able to get our daughter down if we had something in our yard as fantastic as this!!

My most favorite part is the years of love that are so visible when you see this piece of architecture. Really sweet and beautiful detail!

photo pulled directly from Design Mom blog/Post The Treehouse at La Cressonniere


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