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Back to the topic of Sun Rays

I read through the blog again regarding sunscreen. I tend to do that on informative articles. I read and re-read until I know and understand all the information that has been given to me. I like to think I learned that from my Dad and my husband. Both of them so meticulous when they are learning or discovering new things.

As I read through for at least the second time today I decided to click on the original article that caused the whole debate. (Also, a great blurb on how to take care of the land we’ve got.) But what I noticed was a link to the Environmental Working Group, their research and a list of recommended sunscreens, plus ratings. I love these list from smart people. They really make it easier for you when you are trying to decide what works best. I wanted to make sure you saw the list too! Click here.

What do you think? What sunscreens do you like?

Also, as we headed out to our routine hot tub soaking over in hot springs, I grabbed all of our beach gear and took a shot to share. My husband, the older he has gotten, is so sensitive to the sun that he has to wear a long sleeve board shirt to avoid extremely red and itchy skin. Our daughter is simply fair skinned and young, we want to teach her how to take care of her skin and myself, my skin is not as sensitive as theirs but I am super conscious so I cover up too! I regularly wear my halter top but use a really thin, long sleeve, old, Christian Dior, man’s, button down  shirt (found at a thrift store at least 14 years ago) to cover up when I feel my skin getting too warm!

Thank you for letting me share! With so much skin cancer and sun spots in my family I really like to stay aware!


Save our Rivers

American Whitewater, a non-profit organization dedicated to conserving and restoring America’s whitewater, announced Bliss-Stick US’s (that would be us) partnership today! We are so excited about this partnership and look forward to working beside AW! They are fantastic, hardworking folks!

See the announcement here

And this is where the season really begins for us. We will be heading north to Vermont with 4 team members in tow, two members in the New York and New Hampshire  area to meet us there, as well as the local New York agent, to sponsor and compete in the New Have River Festival Creek Race. Also really exciting and fun!!

This is going to be great season and a great year. I am really looking forward to catching up with all of the team members and really getting to know Kira, our first, official female team member! Another fantastic group of folks I am proud to work with!

So as your spring kicks off, whatever your work or hobby,whether it is getting your seedlings ready for your garden or bird watching, I feel the giddy with you!! 🙂

The sun exposed

Now that spring is here and summer approaches it is definitely time to start picking your sun exposure choices. What do I wear? which sunscreen? when do I head out? etc…

I came across this extremely informative post regarding sunscreen on the blog, Small Measures, a blog I read regularly. Some of you may already be aware, others of you may be shocked. I know in our house we naturally make the choice to go out early in the morning or later in the day. When we are at the beach or on the river we wear long sleeve board shirts and shorts, we also wear hats, trying to minimize our use of sunscreen. However, we still use sunscreen. I can’t bear the thought of my wee one with a sunburn.

This is an informative post. A way for all of us to make the best decision for our families! (FYI: California Baby brand is a great brand for both children and adults!)

click photo for good reads

Happy sunny days to you and yours!

(I will let you know when ours return. As March is known for it’s finicky weather we have returned to 52 degree weather and rain. Although, I am happy for the rain and that we are officially out of drought in this neck of the woods!)

One Love-

Spring has Sprung

So many fantastic things have happened over the past several days…

The Full Moon on Friday

The sight of spring flowers starting to bloom

Hot Tub with the family

Potluck with friends to celebrate Spring Equinox

River paddling with friends

Fantastic food, especially the yummy made from scratch Apple Pie that Samantha made specially for the gathering

Visit from Bunny (My mother)

Fishing and playing in the creek in our yard

and, of course, warmth and Sunshine…

I hope your days have been as full as ours. Even if you are busy, make sure to create fun times in your day!

Much love-

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Flowing through my veins

Something about sunshine, and spring. I get this giddy feeling inside. This excitement that new things are beginning. We’ve all been dormant for several months and now it is time to stretch our legs and shout from the bottom of our lungs!! Let it loose!

I love to let it loose with “The Black Seeds.” One of my all time Reggae Dub bands from New Zealand, no doubt. Without surprise they are making there way into the US scene but we discovered them about four years ago when traveling over there. We asked the locals who they like and this is what we got. And now, I can’t get enough! This song is my favorite. Listen to it once to get the groove, listen to it again to catch the words, then listen to it again to really feel it!

So with the warmth, the new buds and a good beer I cheers to Spring! Let the music flow through your viens!!


Listen here:

02 Slingshot

Head for the Fort


Today is another rainy day. Enjoyable enough to know that there are several sunny days ahead and plenty of water in the rivers to paddle this week and into the weekend. Yes, my friends, spring is here. Or almost here.

Our daughter is home on tuesdays so we are always looking for things to do around the house. One of her all time favorites, a classic in all of our childhoods, is the homemade fort! (see above). Today she declares it her castle!

While we think finding a blanket or an old sheet to hang is the best thing since apple pie, here are some great alternatives for kids forts and tee pees. Check them out!

Haba Cozy Cabin


Crazy Fort




Enjoy your rainy day! Happy Fort building!

Simply Irresistible

You were probably thinking I was crazy for even suggesting to freeze or store your crepes in the fridge to save for later. Well, I am here to tell you that they are just as fantastic a few days later (after being in the fridge) as they were the night they were cooked. Just place them in the pan, heat thru and add your ingredient.  What did we do this time?……

Oh My!!

Yes, we did! Nutella and Organic Strawberries.

Simply Irresistible!