When it rains…

It pours…

What would you do on a really wet, soggy day?

Well, we….

Make homemade biscuits served with yummy local farm raised eggs, organic swiss cheese and crunchy turkey bacon (baking is a great way to pass time with lil miss)

-we also took a long sudsy bath…another great indoor activity for entertaining a young one.


We bundled up in all the rain gear you will ever need. Rain boots are a must. And, actually, the rain turned to snow so we technically went exploring in the yard in the snow.

-after a stroll for some fresh air we made our way in for some games on the computer, reading time from the books we got at the library yesterday morning (the first rainy day activity for the long wet weekend), lunch and a little quiet time, (we like to take a little time each day to be quiet and relax our minds!).

-While my daughter was resting I snuck out to the local bakery for some little bite size treats…

(Yes, those are Well-Bred’s famous eclairs in bite size!!!!)


Now she is “painting” the rocks on the fireplace (a bucket with water, a paintbrush and some bounderies go a long way for entertaining as well! A neat trick my friend Susannah shared with me a long time ago!), I am piddling on the computer, watching a little TV and my husband is watching the water gauges, keeping up with the paddling scene.

Actually, a really grand day! I love my family! We love getting creative and finding different things to do!

I hope you and yours are finding great ways to spend your day,

Whether the weather is cold

Or whether the weather is hot…

Much love


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