Roasted Asparagus Crepes

Yes, I said crepes! If you have never had a crepe, you must. They are so yummy, so easy and there are so many versions. We used to eat crepes on a regular bases for dessert until we got busy and forgot we liked them so much. There has been a long lull and absents of crepes in our house. Until recently there was a food venue at Highland Brewery that was serving crepes, Ceci’s Culinary Tour. It was like a twang in my heart and an old flame was sparked! In three weeks we have had crepes three times with more recipes in the box!

So, tonight we tried, for the first time, the roasted asparagus crepes. We are always looking for fun, different ways to eat our veggies and this recipe is now a household favorite. Not only do we love crepes but we crave and devour asparagus. This was a perfect match. Even better, it is really simple.

What to do with all the left over crepes? No Problem!

Plus, you can store then in the fridge for a few days or even freeze them for another round next week!

Happy Crepe eating!!



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