Flowing through my veins

Something about sunshine, and spring. I get this giddy feeling inside. This excitement that new things are beginning. We’ve all been dormant for several months and now it is time to stretch our legs and shout from the bottom of our lungs!! Let it loose!

I love to let it loose with “The Black Seeds.” One of my all time Reggae Dub bands from New Zealand, no doubt. Without surprise they are making there way into the US scene but we discovered them about four years ago when traveling over there. We asked the locals who they like and this is what we got. And now, I can’t get enough! This song is my favorite. Listen to it once to get the groove, listen to it again to catch the words, then listen to it again to really feel it!

So with the warmth, the new buds and a good beer I cheers to Spring! Let the music flow through your viens!!


Listen here:

02 Slingshot

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