The sun exposed

Now that spring is here and summer approaches it is definitely time to start picking your sun exposure choices. What do I wear? which sunscreen? when do I head out? etc…

I came across this extremely informative post regarding sunscreen on the blog, Small Measures, a blog I read regularly. Some of you may already be aware, others of you may be shocked. I know in our house we naturally make the choice to go out early in the morning or later in the day. When we are at the beach or on the river we wear long sleeve board shirts and shorts, we also wear hats, trying to minimize our use of sunscreen. However, we still use sunscreen. I can’t bear the thought of my wee one with a sunburn.

This is an informative post. A way for all of us to make the best decision for our families! (FYI: California Baby brand is a great brand for both children and adults!)

click photo for good reads

Happy sunny days to you and yours!

(I will let you know when ours return. As March is known for it’s finicky weather we have returned to 52 degree weather and rain. Although, I am happy for the rain and that we are officially out of drought in this neck of the woods!)

One Love-


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