Back to the topic of Sun Rays

I read through the blog again regarding sunscreen. I tend to do that on informative articles. I read and re-read until I know and understand all the information that has been given to me. I like to think I learned that from my Dad and my husband. Both of them so meticulous when they are learning or discovering new things.

As I read through for at least the second time today I decided to click on the original article that caused the whole debate. (Also, a great blurb on how to take care of the land we’ve got.) But what I noticed was a link to the Environmental Working Group, their research and a list of recommended sunscreens, plus ratings. I love these list from smart people. They really make it easier for you when you are trying to decide what works best. I wanted to make sure you saw the list too! Click here.

What do you think? What sunscreens do you like?

Also, as we headed out to our routine hot tub soaking over in hot springs, I grabbed all of our beach gear and took a shot to share. My husband, the older he has gotten, is so sensitive to the sun that he has to wear a long sleeve board shirt to avoid extremely red and itchy skin. Our daughter is simply fair skinned and young, we want to teach her how to take care of her skin and myself, my skin is not as sensitive as theirs but I am super conscious so I cover up too! I regularly wear my halter top but use a really thin, long sleeve, old, Christian Dior, man’s, button down  shirt (found at a thrift store at least 14 years ago) to cover up when I feel my skin getting too warm!

Thank you for letting me share! With so much skin cancer and sun spots in my family I really like to stay aware!

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