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The Red Bar

Enough Said…


Give a BIG shout out!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (to my main squeeze)


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One Love-

Simply Irresistible

We are hot tubbers. We all know and recognize this. We are always looking for our next hot tub fix. Just recently we were reminiscing about one of our favorite hot tub experiences. It was in Shelburne Falls, MA at the Pearson-Specht Farm. I fondly call it the Pearson-Specht B&B. Such wonderful people with wonderful chickens, a wonderful garden, great conversation and a killer hot tub.

I’ve got to have one…


Seriously! Why don’t we have our own tub? But this, this is the cat’s meow of hot tubs in my opinion. It isn’t just soaking for aches and pains or to get rid of those chills after a chilly day of paddling. It is also a soaking for your soul!

Simply Irresistible. We have decided that we are going to save money till December and treat each other to a Snorkel for Christmas…

I’ll let you know how it goes!!

Otherwise we are headed south to the sunny, white sand beaches of Santa Rosa Beach/Seaside Florida. Keep your eyes open for some crystal clear waters, dolphins and a stand up paddle board, or two!

Happy Days to you and yours!


Try Again

Never Mind about being fair…

Go on the and vote for Trent Thibodeaux and Sam Fulbright. Trent’s reflection is a close count for first! Let’s help push them into the winning spot. You can vote every 24 hours on your network as well as your smart phone off network. Time is ticking!!!

And the grillin’ is easy…(viewer discretion advised)

I can hear Billy Holiday singing now, “It’s summer time, and the livin’ is easy…”

Well, not quite summer but definitely grilling time. This great display is our first batch of local grown asparagus (and you know how we love asparagus) and local chorizo from Hickory Nut Gap Farm. We served it with some scrumptious quinoa mixed with fresh tomato, onion and lime juice.

What are you grilling these days? I think we are going to do chock full of vegetable kabobs thursday night…

Bliss-Stick US Open New Haven Creek Race

Yes, as the weather gets warmer, we get busier. We get busier and I start blogging less and less. Although, there are lots of things I want to share with you so I promise to continue posting as much as possible.

As you know we eventually headed north to Vermont for the New Haven River Festival and Bliss-Stick US Open New Haven Creek Race. We had team members Sam Fulbright  and Tino Specht  aboard the van, as well as friend and ambassador, Trent Thibodeaux. It was an easy 16 hour drive with Michael at the wheel, the van purring and great company with some book reading along the way.

We drove all day thursday, leaving North Carolina at 4:59 a.m. We arrived in Middlebury, VT, we checked into our hotel at 10:00p.m. and were soaking in the hot tub by 10:08 p.m.

Once we arrived at the river friday morning, we were greeted by team member Jason LaSelva, who was excited to have us on his home turf! With the sun shining and great energy, the team got geared up and headed for the river. As all good paddlers prepping for a race, they scouted the lines they thought would be the fastest, ran at least 7 laps and coached each other on efficiency. It was really amazing to watch such positive team comradery. Yes, as mentioned before, I am proud to have such an amazing group of people represent Bliss-Stick in the United States.

***Side note*** Friday was Sam’s 21st birthday (we love you Sam). We headed to Two Brother’s Tavern (a place that had cider on tap, I do love the North East) for a celebratory dinner! All fun and games till someone makes you take a shot-ski!! 🙂

Saturday morning we woke with excitement and anticipation for the race. Who wouldn’t with a thousand dollars on the line!! With team member Dan Burke showing up to represent as well, it was a good time for Bliss-Stick US.

***There are several reviews of the race and I will not go into great detail here of the event, but I will say it was a beautiful day, a lot of folks turned out to compete, some local, some professional, the water level was decent and the company was fantastic! It was a huge step up for the New Haven Festival committee and we look forward to working with them again next year! The results are in everyone was excited for the event.

Now, we are home. Last week was a little lengthy with the little one adjusting to us being back and being on spring break. We having finally broken through the barrier and running more smoothly this week. We did take her camping and hung out by the river with Tino and Kira for the Dagger ShootOut (Which Kira placed first in her division and Tino 9th in the Pro division, Big Shout Out- We are excited and proud for you both). Our daughter is happy outside and by the river. We love taking her to the water!

All around, good, positive times! Why wouldn’t it be when you have sunshine, water and good company!

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