Do you see what I see?


Buds of the leaves on the trees!

I love our trees. We have very distinct trees throughout the 1 acre and are surrounded by forest of trees. When our leaves come in we can find rescue from the heat in the summer, complete privacy from the neighbors and perfect spots for a picnic! The dogs can always be found basking in the shade of these great trees while sniffing the breeze that comes down the bowl on a daily bases. Looking forward to the leaves on the trees!

As for the homestead, our Vermont trip actually got postponed due to the 2 days of snow that was called for the area. This turned out to be quite the blessing as I ended up with a severe sore throat and chills, which my husband is battling today. I still have the throat but the rest is ticking along! Elderberry, hot tea, honey, zinc tablets, more hot tea, water, elderberry, water….

I hope you all are managing to stay well. Look out for the buds on your trees! Have a great week!

One Love-


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