Neti Time

Did I mention the beautiful leaves that are coming in on our trees and how much I love them?

How is it that every year I forget just how gooky I get from all these wonderful leaves!!? It is like childbirth, you remember all the wonderful parts that make you so happy but physically can not remember the pain!!

My entire family (all three of us) have been warning off nothing but good ol spring allergies and sinuses. We’ve been steaming up the bathroom, sitting in the hot tubs (this sunday was our third sunday in a row), running the humidifier, drinking hot tea, spitting out the gook and of course, the awesome, most wonderful creation known to man (at least this time of year I think so) the NETI POT!

Have you ever done the Neti before? It truly is a great way to clear out your sinuses, plus relieve a sinus headache and pressure. I woke up two mornings ago and went immediately to the sink to Neti. It is amazing what the Neti Pot did for me and what came out!! Of course, my daughter was watching so I now have someone to hold me accountable to get it done.

How do you do it?

Well, first, go get yourself a Neti Pot. We found ours at Greenlife Grocery. You should be able to find it at most any health food store. If you don’t have one, ask your local pharmacist, they should be able to help you locate one. Or, just go online and order the one you like.

Make sure you have some saline powder/salt for your pot. You can find this at the store too.

When you get home, run the warm water, follow instructions for measuring the saline into your pot. Add warm water to Neti Pot.

(Here is the fun part, so crazy the first time you try it but SOOO worth it)

Take the Neti Pot in your hand, tilt your head so that your nose is pointing to the wall. Place the tip of the spout of the Neti pot into the nostril that is on top. Hold it there until water starts coming out the bottom nostril in a steady stream, or you start blowing back into the Neti pot, whichever comes first. Breathe through your mouth if you start running out of air.

This may burn a little, this is the saline getting all those allergens off your nostril walls.

Blow the water and mucus out of your nose into the sink (or the shower floor if you choose to Neti in a warm, steamy shower). You may have to repeat this step several times until the pot is empty and your nostril is clear.

Once the pot is empty, re-fill with warm water and saline. Switch nostrils and repeat.

You do not have to use one whole pot for each nostril, but it is a good option to make sure you really clear out the sinuses and the allergens.

Continue to use the Neti throughout the day as needed.

I believe the Neti Pot can help shorten the duration of a cold, help avoid sinus infections as well as relieve pressure.

Give it a try! Let me know what you think!

Happy Neti to you!

(First photo by sweet cove musings, other two from google images)

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