Simply Irresistible

We are hot tubbers. We all know and recognize this. We are always looking for our next hot tub fix. Just recently we were reminiscing about one of our favorite hot tub experiences. It was in Shelburne Falls, MA at the Pearson-Specht Farm. I fondly call it the Pearson-Specht B&B. Such wonderful people with wonderful chickens, a wonderful garden, great conversation and a killer hot tub.

I’ve got to have one…


Seriously! Why don’t we have our own tub? But this, this is the cat’s meow of hot tubs in my opinion. It isn’t just soaking for aches and pains or to get rid of those chills after a chilly day of paddling. It is also a soaking for your soul!

Simply Irresistible. We have decided that we are going to save money till December and treat each other to a Snorkel for Christmas…

I’ll let you know how it goes!!

Otherwise we are headed south to the sunny, white sand beaches of Santa Rosa Beach/Seaside Florida. Keep your eyes open for some crystal clear waters, dolphins and a stand up paddle board, or two!

Happy Days to you and yours!



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