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The River Calls

My husband and I are taking a few days to do something we have enjoyed doing together for many years, whitewater kayaking. Having a child, a business, 4 dogs (3 older) and 2 cats, it can be a huge challenge to make time for the river.  We set out tomorrow to wet our roots! Stay tuned…


Strawberries and Waterfalls

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Food and Outdoors. Obviously two of my favorite things, so it seems!

We have been getting such tasty, sweet and juicy strawberries in our box that I am looking to expand my horizons with it’s many options. The CSA farmer made a strawberry cake for her girls for a treat in their lunch boxes during exam time. (Seriously, that is awesome!) Our little one LOVES strawberries and strangely enough is always asking for Strawberry Cake for everybody’s birthday and any time in between! I went searching for a cake that was from scratch without gelatin or anything artificial. Well, I found just that and a few neat blogs along the way. I have shared the links with you below. More food stuff but great to see different recipes and borrow a few of them! I have not made the cake yet but when I do, you will know!

As for the trees and all the greenery. Well, we went on a kid friendly hike to Douglas Falls just over the ridge behind our house. A flat, 1/2 mile walk in with beautiful scenery and you are at a water feature. Our daughter fell and scratched her leg pretty good (this is becoming a common theme around here. She has no fear!) along the way so I busted out the old baby backpack, the Ergo, and carried her in and out. A Cadillac ride for the kid , she is almost 40lbs! 🙂 I was just so determined to get to it and to teach her to work through her frustration, that is exactly what we did!

Today was fairly warm and mellow. Our friends came over for drinks on the porch and some fresh egg salad served with grilled chicken. All goodies from our local organic farms. We got to watch an amazing storm come in and feel the baby Taj kick dance in his mamas womb. Pretty groovy!

I hope you are all well! Make some cake!!


Kitchen Corners

Annie’s Eats

Simply Recipes

Strawberry Cake from Scratch

Weekly Musings

Ah, just one of those weeks you spend catching up, planning for future activities/work and just living your daily life. A good week. We have taken a stroll as a family in the rain, picked up our second box of goodies from the CSA, baked strawberry muffins with CSA strawberries, and baked Carrot Pudding with a recipe from a book my daughter likes to listen to (one we borrowed from the library) called ‘The Great Carrot’. We had my friend Ashley and her handsome 7 month old ham, Huxley Wild, over for coffee, brunch and great conversation. Then your usual, getting the books caught up for work and personal, managing the website, phone calls and emails. More good stuff!

The sun has been shining most of the day but is clouding up for a possible afternoon shower. We plan to do more daily musings like play in the yard with the dogs, vacuum the car, fold the laundry…i love the good stuff!

Where are you? What are you doing to pass your days?


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Rainbow Delight

First thing my daughter said to me this morning was, “That was so nice of Mother Nature to share that rainbow with us…” (So sweet and thoughtful this child is! And to think this was her first thought this morning!) What she is speaking of is the rainbow that showed up right in our back yard.

Over the weekend we had several scattered thunderstorms. Very typical and very wonderful for our area this time of year. It is one of the reasons we chose to grow some roots here. On Saturday we were having that kind of crazy, heavy rain while the sun was shining. I love those. Sure enough, literally right out our back door there was a rainbow. Almost blinding it was so bright! By the time I thought to take a picture it was starting to fade. I was so mesmerized I couldn’t look away!

Thank you Mother Nature!


A Family Secret

Weak Tea Water.

That is the secret to having healthy, full and bright ferns. You fill a pitcher up of fresh water (I prefer filtered) and place one tea bag in the pitcher. Let it steep in the cool water just long enough for the water to be colored, not too dark, not too light. You can use the tea bag multiple times. I am able to get three uses out of one bag but the third steeping takes a full 24 hours.

My mother in law has sworn by this ever since I have known her and longer. And she has the ferns to prove the weak tea water theory. Neighbors and friends always asked how she got her ferns so big. She would tell them and no one believed her. Trust me, it works!

As for the weekend, laying low is exactly what we have done. My special someone (husband) has come down with a weakening virus. We have soaked and bathed him in a lavender bubble bath, made hot tea, hot soup, lots of water, near to overdosing on Elderberry syrup and Loquat Respiratory syrup (not really but it can be overwhelming when you are taking a Tbls every hour) and an adequate amount of rest. It has been nice resting, watching movies and casually being home without an agenda! He has broken his fever and can function like a proper human again so we are on the right side of it all!!

Well, happy hanging your ferns! Have a great sunday and we’ll catch up soon!


Did someone say…

Spinach Parmesan Cakes? Why, yes, yes I did! Did I happen to mention how good they are? And simple? Probably not since this was my first attempt but let me just add that note now…they are very yummy and so easy. Really!!

I got a little carried away with the salt so ours were a tad too salty but other than that I wouldn’t change a thing. We used our spinach from the box so we only had 6 ounces, the recipe calls for 12. Worked fine to cut recipe in half, although I added just a smidge more ricotta and parmesan. We yielded 4 cakes total. Perfect for a serving for 2.

I pulled the recipe from EatingWell Magazine online. If you have a big bunch of spinach you need to use this is a great, low calorie alternative if you want something different than a spinach salad (which are equally delicious). You can find the recipe here.

(First two photos are by sweet cove musings, picture of actual cakes are directly from EatingWell website)

As for the weekend, we 3 are laying low. Hanging around the house. Something that becomes a rarity when the weather warms up. I am sure we will find ourselves on the parkway or by the river but still, close to home!

Happy exploring to you and yours!

-One Love

The first supper

This was our first meal from our box and a few farmers market goods that were still lingering from last week! Scrumptious Taco Salad. Lettuce and radishes from box, onions from farmer’s market and remaining veggies from greenlife, beef from Hickory Nut Gap Farm. The flowers were collected from our yard by our daughter and my father-in-law. A surprise for Mommy!

I have plans for the rest of the box…pesto and pasta with spicy greens, parmesan spinach cakes….

FYI-there is only one radish left and we are rationing the strawberries so they will last!