Local Made

Aaahhh, it’s that time of year again. Time to dust off the ol basket and head out to the farmers market. It has actually been going on for a few weeks now but I just made it out my first time this wednesday. Oh, and what a treat. There was some really nice, early produce such as lettuce, spinach and yummy, spicy radishes. I was introduced to pea leaves which are as sweet and delicious as the actual sweet pea. I have since had them in a salad, greens on a yummy sandwich made from mostly farmers market ingredients and will stir fry the rest this evening. I am told simply with garlic, salt and pepper will do. We also purchased some local organic fresh eggs. There are only three left they are soooo yummy! Don’t forget the locally baked sweet potato bread….Mmmmmm…

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Last night I got ambitious and decided to use the red stemmed spinach from my farmers market purchase to make Malfatti with Red Sauce. It turned out pretty yummy but I failed to get any photos taken. It took me some time to get it together and by the time we ate my husband was starving (although waiting patiently)  and my daughter was 1 1/2 late going to bed. Non the less, I did it and it was good!

So, we are closing out our friday afternoon with a slice of sweet potato bread, smothered with local apple butter and sipping on green pomegranate tea. Nice. Lovely. Relaxing.

Next week we pick up our first box from the vegetable CSA. I am really excited to be participating in that this summer! I will make sure to share the box with you once we get it home. As for the weekend, looks like we are going to get to paddle, brunch at Stoney Knob for Mother’s Day as well as soak in the tubs. I am really looking forward to the water and sunshine.

Wherever you are I hope you have a splendid weekend. If your a Mommy, Happy Mother’s Day to you. If you aren’t, make sure to call your mom!!


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