Did someone say…

Spinach Parmesan Cakes? Why, yes, yes I did! Did I happen to mention how good they are? And simple? Probably not since this was my first attempt but let me just add that note now…they are very yummy and so easy. Really!!

I got a little carried away with the salt so ours were a tad too salty but other than that I wouldn’t change a thing. We used our spinach from the box so we only had 6 ounces, the recipe calls for 12. Worked fine to cut recipe in half, although I added just a smidge more ricotta and parmesan. We yielded 4 cakes total. Perfect for a serving for 2.

I pulled the recipe from EatingWell Magazine online. If you have a big bunch of spinach you need to use this is a great, low calorie alternative if you want something different than a spinach salad (which are equally delicious). You can find the recipe here.

(First two photos are by sweet cove musings, picture of actual cakes are directly from EatingWell website)

As for the weekend, we 3 are laying low. Hanging around the house. Something that becomes a rarity when the weather warms up. I am sure we will find ourselves on the parkway or by the river but still, close to home!

Happy exploring to you and yours!

-One Love


One response to “Did someone say…

  • Deetz

    I will totally have to try this recipe out. I’ve actually tried out quite a few of their recipes lately and this sounds like it will be as delicious as the other ones I’ve tried.

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