A Family Secret

Weak Tea Water.

That is the secret to having healthy, full and bright ferns. You fill a pitcher up of fresh water (I prefer filtered) and place one tea bag in the pitcher. Let it steep in the cool water just long enough for the water to be colored, not too dark, not too light. You can use the tea bag multiple times. I am able to get three uses out of one bag but the third steeping takes a full 24 hours.

My mother in law has sworn by this ever since I have known her and longer. And she has the ferns to prove the weak tea water theory. Neighbors and friends always asked how she got her ferns so big. She would tell them and no one believed her. Trust me, it works!

As for the weekend, laying low is exactly what we have done. My special someone (husband) has come down with a weakening virus. We have soaked and bathed him in a lavender bubble bath, made hot tea, hot soup, lots of water, near to overdosing on Elderberry syrup and Loquat Respiratory syrup (not really but it can be overwhelming when you are taking a Tbls every hour) and an adequate amount of rest. It has been nice resting, watching movies and casually being home without an agenda! He has broken his fever and can function like a proper human again so we are on the right side of it all!!

Well, happy hanging your ferns! Have a great sunday and we’ll catch up soon!



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