Strawberries and Waterfalls

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Food and Outdoors. Obviously two of my favorite things, so it seems!

We have been getting such tasty, sweet and juicy strawberries in our box that I am looking to expand my horizons with it’s many options. The CSA farmer made a strawberry cake for her girls for a treat in their lunch boxes during exam time. (Seriously, that is awesome!) Our little one LOVES strawberries and strangely enough is always asking for Strawberry Cake for everybody’s birthday and any time in between! I went searching for a cake that was from scratch without gelatin or anything artificial. Well, I found just that and a few neat blogs along the way. I have shared the links with you below. More food stuff but great to see different recipes and borrow a few of them! I have not made the cake yet but when I do, you will know!

As for the trees and all the greenery. Well, we went on a kid friendly hike to Douglas Falls just over the ridge behind our house. A flat, 1/2 mile walk in with beautiful scenery and you are at a water feature. Our daughter fell and scratched her leg pretty good (this is becoming a common theme around here. She has no fear!) along the way so I busted out the old baby backpack, the Ergo, and carried her in and out. A Cadillac ride for the kid , she is almost 40lbs! šŸ™‚ I was just so determined to get to it and to teach her to work through her frustration, that is exactly what we did!

Today was fairly warm and mellow. Our friends came over for drinks on the porch and some fresh egg salad served with grilled chicken. All goodies from our local organic farms. We got to watch an amazing storm come in and feel the baby Taj kick dance in his mamas womb. Pretty groovy!

I hope you are all well! Make some cake!!


Kitchen Corners

Annie’s Eats

Simply Recipes

Strawberry Cake from Scratch


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