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The Harrow and The Harvest

Get a first listen to Gillian Welch and David Rawlings newest CD release.

While there, check out the Folk Alley website.

First Listen: The Harrow and The Harvest



Other quirky things I like are teapots. They can be art in themselves, not to mention the function is so simple and delicate. In my kitchen the cabinets stop before reaching the ceiling, leaving me a nice place to perch my funky collection of items. I look at it often as I like the display. But yesterday and the day before we got up there to clean (we won’t go into the details of just how long it has been since we did that!) and I got to examine each little trinket and really remember how much I like them.

Look at the other teapots I found on various sites online that are just adorable. has 40 pages of great teapots. There are blogs out there dedicated to the teapot! There are tons of spectacular, little or big, fancy or simple little teapots. I only borrowed 5 to show you but I could have filled pages with the ones I liked!

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Afternoon Delights

…as well as, fairy house building, playing tag, sunning in the sunshine, running through the sprinkler and rocking on the front porch. We are going to have our dinner at Craggy Gardens, off the parkway, this evening and hope for a little star gazing while we sip on wine…

Watermelons were such a staple in my childhood that I hardly recognize summer without them. No other fruit says summer like this subtly, crunchy fruit! Not only are they thirst quenching, they are high in vitamin C, vitamin A, and b6. They also contain vitamin b1, potassium and magnesium.  Pure goodness!!

What are your afternoon summer delights?

One Love-

Happy Place

Love the Outerbanks, North Carolina.

Really like this time lapse video of one of my favorite places in the world…

Check out:

Daniel Dragon Films


Happy Days of Summer

Now that summer is in full swing the flowers are really making a show. When we picked up our box yesterday we were also gifted with 3 huge sunflowers. Then, our friends came over for dinner and gifted us with a bouquet of sunflowers and dill from the Flying Cloud Farm (our CSA farm). Something so simplecan refresh the room and your spirits. So, as it pours rain outside, we are getting a bit of sunshine from our sunflowers!!

Today is a relatively quiet day around here. Although my husband is actually at the warehouse, we ladies are here at the house in the cove. We have watched the movie “Marmaduke”, Skyped with my mother, affectionately called bunny, and raced down the hallway, me on foot, her on her scooter that she outgrew last fall but refuses to put away! Now we will straighten up a bit while we wait for my mother-in-law to make her way to the cove for some quality play time with her favorite someone. A pleasant rainy day thus far with lots of snuggles and giggles mingled in between…



Still here…

Still Supervising. Still Purring…

Happy Father’s Day, Papa…

While I am a little late getting this up, it is never too late to say, I love you. All your girls do!

Here’s to our favorite man around the house!

Everybody dance for your Papa!

(Michael Franti- I Love You)