Back in the saddle…

So good to be back! I am fired up and ready to get the dog house in order, get a potted garden going and play in the sprinkler in the yard with the kiddo during the hot days ahead of us. We played this evening after dinner and she squealled the whole time. Music perfect for summer.

Our craziest adventure was finding this 7 month old puppy (really, someone left him at a rest area…). We, of course, looked around for his owner and quickly realized that he was looking for them too. We picked him up and put him in the car. As much as we adore pups and he was soooo sweet, gentle and grateful, we decided we are not at a point to take another pup on. We dropped him off at a humane society and all the ladies were swooning at him already. He is healthy, clean and clear of ticks (he had A LOT of them). Don’t get me wrong, we almost turned around on several occasions to pick him up, bring him home. But now we are back and I know it was the best decision. Our old chocolate lab, Cassidy, is not feeling so great and the other three dogs are in need of great attention because of our absence. I have all the confidence in the world that Walter, as we affectionately call him, will find his perfect home. I also put several thoughts out to the universe that this little guy gets what he absolutely deserves. A warm, happy, loving home.


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