From the Soul

While away we were able to spend a few days with three of our favorite people, the Livingston’s. Don’t you love a friendship that no matter how long it has been since you have seen each other you can pick right back up where you left off? They are our peeps! Ansley and I try to make an effort to speak on the phone at least once a week but with each of us having a busy little girl we sometimes only get to it every few weeks!!

We had a fantastic visit! The sun shined and the stars glowed, as well as the smile on our faces. I admit that being there without my daughter I got deeply homesick. Fortunately, Dylan June was on hand to provide me with undivided attention! So sweet, so fun and so warming for my heart and soul!

The morning we left (which was fairly early) Ansley walked around her home and yard cutting herbs and plants to send away with me. While she was doing this she remarked how she believed that sharing ones garden and plants is a very meaningful way to express friendship, love and appreciation. She said, “Ya know, it’s soulful.” The moment she said it, I got it. It was very touching. Then traveling home with them, caring for them to make sure they made the trip and actually getting them potted or into the ground I really got it. It is a bond in providing, tending and caring for the same plant. Just like a true friendship.

Thank you Ansley! Thank you Barry and Dylan June! Thank you Michael for going to great links to attend to our friendship! None of it goes without notice!


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