A storm

We have been cooking up a storm in the kitchen. We have had a plethora of greens from red leafed kale to swiss chard and assortment of lettuces. We also have had the new household favorites, kohlrabi and white and red radishes. Tonight we roasted sweet potatoes with the kohlrabi and radishes with just a dash of salt, pepper and olive oil. We also roasted a few pecans in butter, salt, cayenne pepper and chili powder for a little kick. We put this all on a bed of fresh lettuce with fresh green olives, a taste of salami, and no dressing. So yummy. We are being introduced to new vegetables which allows us to explore previously unexplored recipes and create new ones. I am just as pleased with our CSA as we were when we decided to join.

We also tried a hand at making that homemade biscotti I mentioned, oh, like however many months ago. Not sure why I waited so long. We love them. They are an absolute household hit. We are collecting recipes and ingredients to bake more!!

Great, Good, Amazing things going on! So happy for the heat, summer and fun!

One love-




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