I’m in love with a SCUD

Yes, I said that correctly, the SCUD. It is a kayak in our repertoire of all good boats! See here.

I told myself this spring that I would paddle all boats that we sell. One, so I would know what I was really talking about when talking kayak slang, as well as, a challenge to myself to actually make it happen. I have been paddling for some years now the RAD 175, occasionally the Super RAD 180 and the Mini Mystic. I will forever rave about these boats. However, my first try this late spring/summer is the SCUD. I have paddled this potato four times now and I can’t believe how stable this thing is. It is also way faster than I ever gave it credit and I have confidence that it will boof like nobody’s business.

Those of you not getting a thing I am saying, it simply means that I am having so much fun and this boat is pretty rad! So bouncy, so rolly polly, so chunkin’, so fun! And amazingly friendly to roll!

I’m lovin’ the SCUD!

Check this out…



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