I (heart) Vegetables

We were so pleased to pick up our fifth vegetable CSA box this week. As promised, the boxes are getting heavier and fuller. So many beautiful greens, and this week, squash, cucumber and basil. More Kale (which we are avid fans of), 2 types of cabbage, turnips, lettuce, cilantro….just so full!! I can’t stop sticking my nose in the basil and piling it on whatever I am eating. And the blueberries or the eggs. Just so good! I bought two extra pints of blueberries, as we eat them up within a couple of days around here. Also purchased 2 dozen eggs from the farm. Just can’t get enough!!!

So far we have made vegetable egg rolls, kale chips, homemade pizza topped with veggies and basil, vegetable stir fry…

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It has been another great week of summer vacation! We tried a kids yoga class on tuesday and brushed the layers and layers of dog hair off the pups. Of course, had a farm and farmers market day on wednesday. Then, the husband and I thought for sure we weren’t going to make it to the river for our thursday afternoon day date but after running the errands we were able to bomb down the French Broad to get some exercise. I am thrilled that we have been successful two weeks in a row with a jaunt down a river plus a full day of work under our belts! This is a milestone 🙂 We also had a pleasant visit with our friend Samantha as she was passing through town. Always great to catch up and reconnect with folks!

The weekend is approaching and we are thinking camping, maybe? Get the kiddo outside! What are you planning? Lazy day sunning on the deck or a day at the barn? Hiking? Swimming? Reading?

I hope that you have a fantastic weekend, whatever you choose to do.



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