Other quirky things I like are teapots. They can be art in themselves, not to mention the function is so simple and delicate. In my kitchen the cabinets stop before reaching the ceiling, leaving me a nice place to perch my funky collection of items. I look at it often as I like the display. But yesterday and the day before we got up there to clean (we won’t go into the details of just how long it has been since we did that!) and I got to examine each little trinket and really remember how much I like them.

Look at the other teapots I found on various sites online that are just adorable. Etsy.com has 40 pages of great teapots. There are blogs out there dedicated to the teapot! There are tons of spectacular, little or big, fancy or simple little teapots. I only borrowed 5 to show you but I could have filled pages with the ones I liked!

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