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The Pioneer Woman

Occasionally when I find a new recipe or craft or travel website that I like and really don’t have the time to browse the page I will save it to my desktop for later surfing. With this I end up with several pages scattered on my computer. Just the other day I started perusing these sites and ended up really entertained by this women, The Pioneer Woman. She writes cookbooks, lives on a ranch and raises 4 children.

Quite possibly you have all heard of her. I often find that I am decades behind folks when it comes to new information. Non-the-less, I thought I would share. She has fun, easy recipes, and interesting stories! I hope you enjoy it at much as I have! So, have fun exploring her very detailed site!! (Click on photo)

As for the homestead here, all is well. We have successfully fallen back into routine (which, if you know us, is barely there but there). We manage to get out in the mornings for frolicking at the park or riding bikes. Today we went downtown. All of downtown Asheville is blocked off for Belle Chere but not up and running yet. So, we walked the streets, drank coffee while lil miss rode her new bike and the artist or vendors were setting up their booths. We managed to get home before the midday heat kicked in. Then our friends came over with their kiddo, Bodie, for some sprinkler and slip n slide action. An excellent way to kick off the weekend!

What will you and yours be doing this weekend? Heading to a festival? Staying in? Cleaning house? Drinking beers?

We will primarily lay low. My brother-in-low and wife will be in town for the weekend so we hope to do some catching up. We plan to also hang with dear friends on sunday (with their little new snuggle, Taj) for an afternoon of grilling and cocktails! I am sure some water activities will happen too!

Have a happy weekend!

One Love


What to do, What to do?

What do you do with Fennel?

Yes, we got another amazing box this week. We are getting into some classic, summer, southern vegetables like squash, tomatoes, cucumber, basil, potatoes, even an eggplant. I just don’t know what to do with Fennel. I am familiar with the taste and it’s use in mediterranean diet, I just don’t know where to begin with the raw vegetable!! I will be browsing cookbooks and recipes online to see what other folks do. Although, I am open to any suggestions any of you may have!!

I hope you are keeping yourself cool during these dog days of summer! In the meantime, get your summer vegetables groove on!!


This one too…

A Room with a view

I am loving the photos my husband has been snapping lately. This one is no exception.


Two Weeks Later…

Packing a picnic dinner, swimming, paddle boarding, sunsets and good family fun.

Ferry rides to the island for wild horses and pelican crowded lunches…

Beating the mid-day heat with beers, conch fritters and tuna at Tortugas Lie, best on OBX…

The universe worked some magic and viola, we are still here. My sea legs are pruned and loving it! Heading home tomorrow for some dry mountain air but happy to have been here for so long! (This also explains my absence!)

We have come here for 4 summers in a row and we still have tons to explore. Pea Island is on the top of our list for paddle boarding, it is a bird watchers paradise. Traditionally, we stay in the village of Hatteras on Hatteras Island but opted to try Rodanthe (yes, like the movie, “Nights in Rodanthe”). The surf for surf kayaking, or any surf for that matter, is much better here and if the waves are not making the cut  (which even on a “small day” it is hardly the case) you can hop over to the sound for some killer kite boarding or wind surfing. I have not tried either but while swimming in the sound yesterday it was like being at the circus of wind surfer’s. They were making laps. A large group from Quebec are down here on the OBX specifically for the world class wind surfing…

Any who, it is wonderful. I have a deep connection and love for this place. We will be back!


In the parking lot

Something to make you chuckle!

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Bodie Island Lighthouse

After a nice walk on the beach yesterday we jaunted across the street to glimpse at the lighthouse that has been closed to the public for some time due to restoration. It is a beautiful lighthouse and the property is brilliant. Bright with the green grass and black and white contrast glowed in the bright shine of the sun.

Info on Bodie Island Lighthouse

Having my cousin Erin here has been the icing on top of the cake for the week! Lots of giggles and chatter, it has been wonderful catching up. As for today, we are planning some time at the beach. Something casual, low key. Then my brother will be joining us for the remainder of the stay. I see seafood and boat rides in our future!