The Fourth

What are you doing this fine Independence Day? Or, as I am noticing, Independence weekend!! Fireworks and sparklers have been going off around here since Friday night. Not high enough for us to see but loud enough for us to feel the festive spirit. We did a little work on friday and saturday, which is always nice but have made the best of our time. We attempted to go rafting saturday but laughed out loud at just how crazed we were to think that was possible! We hit I40 west and immediately were dead locked in traffic. Lucky we know our way around all parts of Buncombe County and got ourselves out and home fairly quickly!! We ended up playing in the yard and the sprinkler to pacify our water needs!

Sunday morning however, we were on the road again. A greater and much more successful attempt this time. With a little drive-by to the bakery, the condo to pick up the in-laws and we were well on our way to the Nantahala River for a nice, cool float trip. With the temperatures topping off at a near 92 degrees, the COLD water of “the nanny” is welcoming!! My father-in-law had never been rafting so it was fun and quite entertaining! The little one is always on her A-game when it comes to the river! Very proud we are!

As for today, we are laying low. Cleaning an extremely neglected house and laundry. Gathering ingredients to make cupcakes for our cookout this evening. No fireworks in our future though. Weaverville will not be displaying any this year. Bummed but okay. We are spoiled when it comes to fireworks. When we lived in Banner Elk we would walk to the bottom of our road (no one else around) and watch the display that the wealthy neighborhood across the street would put on for their residences. When we lived in West Asheville we would gather with the neighborhood at the end of the street with the best view of the Downtown fireworks. Never having to get in the car, just right there. Since we have lived out here we haven’t experienced such ease or gratification from such beautiful displays of fire! Although, we have sparklers!!! Yahoo!!

Wherever you are, be safe, have fun and be merry! Happy Grilling!

One Love-


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