Sea Legs

I absolutely love where we live, as you know. I am constantly boasting about all the amazing opportunities around us. And while all of that remains true I do have some pretty serious sea legs that have to be stretched every now and then. Particularly, I have to get the salty air of the Outerbanks in my lungs at some point during the year. And yes, my friends, that moment has begun.

As bummed (and I mean super duper bummed) as I am that my husband could not make the trip with us this year the OBX has not been shy with welcoming us with such sweet surprises. We spent the day driving mostly but rested our bones in Edenton with my folks, Grandma Iris (the same ‘Songs for Iris’), my brother and a few sloppy dogs. It was pretty fun to ride around on the four wheeler and watch the lil miss drive her very own tractor (john deer electric for kids). However, the true delights started appearing the closer we got to the ocean.

We’ve got egrets and ducks right out the back deck. The temperature is mild for this time of year and there has been a pleasant breeze all day to keep the pesky bugs away. When we went to dinner there was a large Osprey Nest right by the walking path the restaurant has so elegantly designed for guest to stroll in on from their boats or while waiting for your table. Even better, we watched the Papa Osprey bring a flounder to the nest for the baby birds and Mama. Seriously amazing, beautiful and National Geographic all the way!! Not to mention the sunset and the hot tub soak after a long day in the car…

So yes, it is great to be back.

The birthday party was a blast for all involved yesterday. We sported the made from scratch Strawberry Cake that she has talked about for months as well as a slip and slide for the wee ones to get rowdy with! They did just that! There were three kids total, a perfect amount of company and quality time spent. The past four years have been a blast and our daughter continues to amaze us with her pure awesomeness!

Hope you are all well! Happy summer days to you too!



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