I saw a bear

Seriously, I saw a black bear!!! The funny thing is, I forgot to get the car seat out of my brother’s truck last night. He and my dad work crazy farm hours in the summer so they had to retreat back to Edenton for their work week to begin while the ladies are hanging at the beach. They are an hour away from us. Graciously my Dad hopped in the truck this morning to meet me halfway for the switch back. That in itself was sweet because I got to chill and talk directly with my Dad for 30 solid minutes without any interruption! (And nuzzle up to the old pup, Kaleb, that I rescued about 13 years ago)

The point is, I saw the bear on the way back from Columbia, after meeting my Dad. I saw it on the Alligator River Highway!! As I got closer I thought, “what kind of gigantic Dog is that?” I was pleasantly surprised to realize it was a bear!! No photo of course, I was driving!

I am really giddy and thrilled I saw that guy!  I’ll keep you posted of any other sitings!!



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