Life is Good

Let’s see. Well, we have certainly been busy around here. Of course, bumming on the beach, swimming in the pool, and generally  just chilling in good company.

The child and I were able to head north up to Duck on Tuesday for a day of romping on the beach with some dear old friends, Susannah, Gabe and Corrine. The kids played for hours in the ocean and sand. Picking right back up where we all left off! What a treat!! I also managed to get out on the Stand Up Paddle Board for an evening paddle. Absolutely beautiful. Caught the sunset, jumping fish and gentle breezes. I would show you photos of the adventure but I managed to drop the camera in the canal with no success in retrieving it! We have also spent afternoons strolling the boardwalk in Manteo. A quant, historical town. A really beautiful area.

Wednesday brought more delights when my cousin Erin, who’s like a sister too me ;), came to join us for the remainder of the week.

Now we are suiting up for a walk on the beach then later a ferry ride over to Ocracoke for lunch! Wherever you are, whatever you may be doing, have a great day! Laugh with the one you love!



One response to “Life is Good

  • Susannah Davis Cox

    It was truly a treat to spend the morning and early afternoon with you and RCB! I miss you all so much! Have fun with the rest of your beach trip and travel home safe! I PROMISE that we will see each other soon! 🙂

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