Where in the world?

Seriously, where in the world does time go? It slips by these days without us even realizing it. We shut the lights out for the night and simply say, where did the day go? Of course, these are all good signs that one is busy. Busy with what, exactly?…

Eating Lots and Lots of delicious Cucumbers

(Cucumber Salad with fresh picked Blackberries and Ginger Sesame Dressing)


(Oh, to be Indie Cat, who is, yes, still here)

Picking Apples from the Apple Tree

(No they are not in season but are pure entertainment for a 4 year old and still crunchy edibles. She likes to feed them to the dogs and play fetch with the apples!)

Sitting on the porch, up in the mountains, listening to the crickets and sipping coffee in the cool morning air

 (Yes, the heat is blazing but there are special, subtle signs that cooler days are ahead)

Visiting old friends, going to the barn to visit and ride their sweet horse, Chunky

Eating more cucumbers! Don’t forget those summer tomatoes!

(Vinegar Cucumber Salad with tomatoes, peppers and onions ALL from the box!)

So, time has been passing in productive, happy ways. Kayaks are flying out the door plus we’ve had activities and play dates galore! We managed to make it up to the High Country (Banner Elk, NC) for a long weekend of bike riding, Stand up Paddling, swimming and visiting. A nice sneak away from the midday heat that keeps us inside most days after 12:00 noon till about 4:00pm. It was such a pleasant, peaceful time with family and friends.

Last night we had an amazing sunset right out the front door. We had a stroll, us 3, up the road a bit to get the panoramic view. So beautiful!!!

Now it’s Monday! We got busy with work before we knew it and now we are saying, again, where did the day go?

I hope that you are staying busy for the summer. We have one final week before school starts! Lots to do in such little time!!



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