Blowin’ In the Wind

(Photo by my one and only someone at Hickory Nut Gap Farm)

Farm Day. Every wednesday from May 21 until, (well, I’m not real sure when it ends) has become our traditional farm day. We ride the parkway over to the south east side of the county to the first farm to pick up our vegetables, then over to the neighboring (really, they are side by side) farm to pick up our eggs and whatever beef, pork or poultry product we think we may need. And, of course, today was no different.

Well, maybe a little different. There is a slight breeze blowing, the haze is beginning to leave the mountain ridges, and there is a crispness starting to come back to the air. Now, I am not, by any means, wishing summer away. I am actually already secretly mourning the passing of our summer vacation as school starts next wednesday. However, there is another part of me that can’t help but to be just the littlest bit giddy about the approaching fall. No, it is not here and won’t be for a while longer. It is just blowin’ in the wind little soft promises that it will be here before we know it.

I could even hear the excitement in the voice of the farm store hand as she was talking about the apples getting larger in the orchard and the booth they are building for the admission to fall fest days. It is, quite possibly, desperation for the dreadful heat to not return but these mountains never tell a lie!



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