Five and Feeling Alive

Looks who’s turning 5 and feeling, oh so alive!

This is Kaya. Our Vizsla. We have been doing all things vizsla today.

Sniffing the floor for crumbs, stealing food from the child, lounging on the couch, eating birthday treats made by the child, and more snuggling on the couch. If you don’t know anything about a Vizsla then all you need to know is they like to be with humans at all times. If you put them out, all they will do is come right back to the door and jump great heights till you let them in. You are sent home with articles and literature to educate you on the companion minded pup. We got her the day (literally) after we were informed of our pregnancy. This dog, without a doubt, is our daughters dog. Buddy’s. The whole, “my dog goes everywhere I go” is a true statement for those two. Kaya is the shadow. Always willing to play dress up or be the patient in the doctor’s office. Only to know that she gets to snuggle up with her person as soon as she is done!

Happy Birthday Kaya Diesel Dog

(AKC name: Shiloh’s Kaya Briere)



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