Vintage Posters

Some time ago now we were apartment hunting in Jackson Hole, WY. This was at least 7 years ago. I remember this one condo we toured at the base of Snow King.  It was decorated with all these really great Vintage Posters. They were, of course, vintage ski posters being smack dab in the center of the lush ski town. She had them lined down the wall in the main room. My eye kept going to these fantastic posters.

 I was browsing the website vintage seekers and it reminded me of those vintage posters. I would totally decorate a man cave with these great posters! A fun room of some sort!

What do you think? Do you like the old posters?

I found these at

I love them!

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We are being quite lazy this weekend. After an evening out for good music and beer, we have been watching movies and playing board games at a glacial pace! We will be planning a few fun activities before school starts and preparing for a short visit from Bunny, my mom.

I hope that your weekend has been exactly what you wanted it to be!



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