Taking it easy

Yep. Taking it easy here in the cove. School has been in session for our daughter for three days now, plus we had a mid-week visit with Bunny. While my mom was here we sat on the porch quite a bit feeling the cool mountain air tinge our faces while sipping on mojitos. (After hydrating with the cool cucumber water, of course). She was also lucky enough to experience our farm day with us on wednesday. After dragging her around the county for various errands we treated her to our pass time of hot tubbing in Hot Springs. Plus, dining alfresco…She pretty much got the low down!!

In the meantime, I am scouring the internet and cookbooks for the perfect hard cider recipe. I love a good cider in the fall. So, why not try to ferment my own? This recipe sounds pretty good. What do you think? Do you have any special cider recipes?

One Love-


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