The Civil Wars

Something I have in common or can share with my parents, or vice versa, they share with me, is our likeness to folk/bluegrass music. My dad really digs the tunes of the old time bluegrass greats such as Doc Watson and Del McCoury. My mom really is moved by folk lullaby’s of those like Kate Wolf and Nancy Griffith. She introduced me to Gillian Welch before she was Gillian Welch.

This visit was no different. We were serenaded by The Civil Wars while driving the winding parkway with the windows down and the breeze gentle. This, no doubt, is another one of those you have heard before and I am just now catching on. They were, after all, used on Grey’s Anatomy. Non the less, I think they are a beautiful combination of instrumental and vocal. Something worth sharing with you! Really folk with a bluesy swing to it. Take a listen and see what you think. See a review here.

07 Barton Hollow

05 Poison & Wine


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