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I just got off the phone with my dear and long time friend, Ansley. I always enjoy hearing about the musings that occur in their neck of the desert or mountains or mesa’s of Colorado! They live west of Durango, Colorado in the western town of Mancos. The Mesa National Park towers over the town with all of its intense history while the San Juan Mountains are just in view. 

Ansley, however, was born and raised on a farm with horses, cow, pigs and other fun things, in Southern Georgia. What she attained from this childhood is a killer green thumb. We have, for some years now, eaten from the harvest of her home gardens. Her jams and jellies are a treat in themselves and are consumed in record time once they enter our grasp.

In the Mancos Valley she has developed a really close bond with the local gardeners and farmer’s alike. It is a small community but one that has a great amount of respect for one another. Also, one that is quick to lend a helping hand. One thing that Ansley does, with her adorable gal Dylan June in tow, is barter her time to help in the field for extra harvest outside of what her own garden produces. 

My whole point in sharing all of this with you is that I am so amazed with what she is choosing to do for the farmer’s in return of their kindness and sharing of the harvest. She is hosting a Farm Feast for all the local farmer’s with the harvest from their own fields. She wants them to be able to feast on the goodness of their own hard work, cooked by someone else. I think this is just the most delightful way to share gratitude, a true kindness without words.

In the meantime, while she and Dylan join are prepping 9 pie crust today, we are planning our own little fall feast in celebration of the birth of our dear friends son, Taj Austin. In October, we are hosting a sip and see for a few select special friends. While the menu is almost a no brainer with all the fall harvest available that time of year I am playing around with ideas to spruce up the place just enough to make it feel a bit more special. I love the concept of setting a table outside and hanging oriental lanterns.

What do you think? How would decorate? Have you hosted a sip and see before? What do you recommend?

Make sure to partake or host your own fall fest. It is always fun to find ways to share with our neighbors and friends. 

(Mesa photo, dining alfresco photo found on and the lantern photo found on


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