Most precious

Have you seen this website?

The Burning House is just that, a snap shot of what you would take with you if your house was burning. What would you take? I have been thinking hard about this one and while we have many nice things that would be terrifying to see go there still wasn’t a bunch of stuff that I would take. Our Daughter, my husband, the 4 Dogs, two cats, and probably, most likely, our daughters favorite snuggle, “Puppy”…Other than that, nothing, absolutely nothing, is more important to me. I suppose if I could remember I would get the computer, hard drive and important files but does one really remember those things in the heat of a disaster? Food for thought.

I really liked this one and this one and this one.

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As for the 3 of us, we have been nursing a fever and cleaning house this week. Literally, we are still fall cleaning and it feels good. Nice to get those things that you have absentmindedly been putting on the back burner taken care of. Our plants are growing beautifully and now have a new spot they are being displayed, the dust is being lifted, the non-used items are getting kicked out and the crumbs are being swept up. We made a huge pot of ‘Meena’s Chili’ and Meena will be coming over for dinner to give it a taste test. I have already sipped on hot cider today and have a pumpkin displayed on the mantle! With the temperature hanging at a slight 72 today, fall, here we come!



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