As the cool air sticks around, the leaves start changing and sneezes busting up the joint I start looking for creative ways to keep my family healthy. We have our standby Elderberry and Liquid Vitamins but sometimes you need just a little more…

Found this website and blog. I don’t know about you but I sure could use a herbal soaking in a claw foot tub, outside!!

I will at least try the bubble bath recipes and soak the sorrow away!!

As for today…

We woke up this morning to the harvest moon, the birds singing happily and the cool, crisp mountain air. It was lovely.

We have been respectfully taking the time to process and morn the loss of Nate Dog all the while filing back into our daily activities. We managed to get a large batch of tomatoes roasted and put in the freezer, roasted the last of our CSA beets along with a few fingerling potatoes and onion, played sticks in the yard with the other three pups and chatted on the phone with my people.

If you have a ton of tomatoes that you can’t eat in time before they spoil, try this roasting recipe. Very simple but very delicious.

Roast larger tomatoes for 2 1/2-3 hours, smaller tomatoes 2 hours at 225 degrees.

Simply, dice, toss with Olive Oil, a sprinkle of brown sugar, balsamic vinegar, garlic, salt and pepper.( I added basil and parsley. Adding herbs is optional.) Roast. Cool. Freeze.

We stole some to add to our dinner for a tasting then let the rest roast for a winter delight. We added the tomatoes to naan, sprinkled with feta and mozzarella. Just melt in your mouth good!

I have some other soups up my sleeve for the week!! It is time to break out the soup pot!

Just remember to enjoy the moments and time that we get!



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