Aaaahhhh, it’s friday! I never thought I would be one to say that but we have reached the pivotal point in our lives that, even without trying, we have become weekend warriors. Even though we are self employed, work from home and have some flexibility with our time, we still don’t get to really sit down or get down till friday afternoon!! This is all primarily due to the official school schedule, which is why I was secretly morning the last days of summer vacation.

But all is well. At least we can set some goals to be achieved by friday to allow for the time to do whatever it is we think we want to do with our break! This week was really no different. Well, maybe a little. My husband has been driving solo cross country, he achieved his goal and arrived in time last night for his appointment today. (Where is WakaWai?, WakaWai is here, to meet with the guys, here. We are super excited to begin the long term project of a long term goal we have had together as a couple for the past 12 (yes, 12) years. It is going to be a splendid travel vehicle for all of WakaWai’s long excursions).

While that was an extreme goal for the week, we did it. Why I say we? Well, at one point I had to help navigate from my computer through the lost roads of Missouri, talking to three states worth of DOT officers. Apparently, they had an unbelievable amount of roads washed out from the flooding they have had. Then, just general support to help him through the three long days of traveling. We text several conversations throughout the day while only having two real conversations, one in the morning and one in the evening. Before and after school. Except this morning, he is still sleeping as there is a 3 hour time difference!! And don’t worry, I will make sure to advise him to sip on some delicious Full Sail Beers at the Full Sail Brewery. If your in the area it is a must to try!

Any who, on to our friday back here on the Eastern Seaboard! All remains positive after a long emotional week of missing Logan Fred (the dog). We are going to celebrate this amazing fall weather that has landed on us (high of 62 degrees) today by going to the Mountain State Fair! I am so excited. They always have an awesome display of local agriculture, local folk lure and not to mention, the cotton candy and rides!! A great way to kick off the weekend on a positive, happy note!!

(Both photos borrowed from

What are your plans? Heading outside?

Wherever you are, have a sip of warm or hard cider and embrace the cool fall air!



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