Soup du Jour

Let’s see…

We’ve managed to see a parade, make an appearance at Highland Brewery, have brunch at Well Bred Bakery, walk the Weaverville Art Festival (which I have always enjoyed but usually don’t get to attend), spend a whole afternoon with a dear, old friend, Shannon and her daughter, Aida, AND go to the Mountain State Fair. We were busy and we are tired! A good time for the two gals.

I got around to making a batch of my fall favorite, Lentil Soup. Also a batch of my babes (name for my hubs, have called him babe for years…no not original but it has stuck :)) favorite soup too, Potato. Made a large pot of each, ate some (a great way to feed yourself when flying solo), and froze the remainder for more winter delights. The potato soup is a great canvas for all sorts of options. Tonight, I steamed the kale from our box, chopped it fine and sprinkled in into the soup. The kale added an extra texture and intensity to the flavor. I will definitely do that again.

Meanwhile,  in my time of internet browsing, saw this great piece of furniture on Design Sponge…

I hope you and yours are all well. Happy fall!



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