Farewell to thee

(photo found on younature.blogspot.com)

Fall really is a glorious time of year. Often too quick but, still, glorious! It unfolds like a storybook each day with the morning becoming crisper and the leaves brighter. I tried to catch some images from our farm ride along the blue ridge parkway today but the lighting was not good. Even though, to the human eye it was spectacular, just not able to produce the same image through my lens. I will continue to try. It is worth sharing!

As for the farm, today was our final box. Wow! 4, almost 5, months of local, organic vegetables. It will be missed! Although, it does give me a bit more ambition and drive to start growing some vegetables on my own. We will dive into that next spring!

As I was putting dinner on the table tonight I realized that everything, I mean everything was farm to table. We ate brussels sprout greens (milder but similar to collard greens) cooked in made from scratch chicken broth with garlic, onions and crushed red pepper. All ingredients from the box! We devoured the sweet italian sausage from the other farm and also broiled potatoes, also from the box! I was so excited that these readily available ingredients were all local. I didn’t have to try to put the farm to table meal together. It just happened!

(brussels sprout greens photo from comohomestead.com)

Such sweet sorrow parting with the beloved box! Farewell our dear friend!!



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